Anime Inspired Happi Jacket

Created by Lauri ❤️ SURVEY DUE 9/16/2021

!! Pre-orders will begin processing after all kickstarter backer pledges are fulfilled !! Casual Japanese Happi Jackets inspired by Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, and Genshin Impact

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Manufacturing complete and on the way to me!
6 days ago – Thu, Oct 14, 2021 at 11:11:37 PM

Hello hello! It has been a while, and I'm sorry I've been a tad MIA due to school,  but I wanted to give a small (but exciting!) update about orders and production.

All happis are finished!

The quality inspector just gave me the thumbs up on the orders and the manufacturer is in the process of shipping the happis over to me. I should receive shipment of them by late next week, but because they're being shipped in different boxes, I might be running into (hopefully small) shipping delays and will keep you guys posted. There is a little bit of post production that I do need to do after getting the happis (esp JJK ones),  but I hope to start shipping orders out during the last week of October. I plan on fulfilling orders in this order: early bird kickstarter pledge, regular kickstarter pledge,  backerkit preorder store sales. Once I get through actually processing a couple I'll see to getting an estimated schedule out.


I ordered buffer amounts of each happi so I should still be able to accommodate your order if you didn't fill out the survey yet, but fulfillment is completed through backerkit and I need your response there !!

Thank you guys so much for being patient with this entire process, and I hope to get these to you soon <3


Lauri <3

Here's a little peek of what everything done looks like ^^

so many happis!

about 1 month ago – Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 02:08:12 PM

Hello hello everyone! Sorry for being MIA on social media, school has been picking up again and it can get hard to juggle. That being said, I've talked to the manufacturer and finalized some details and production is scheduled to begin ✨


This is NOT the same as the kickstarter survey! I will be sending out a lock order notice reminding backers that the BACKERKIT survey will close 10pm CDT on 9/16. Cards on file will be charged the following day (9/17). There should be a survey link from backerkit in your email that you pledged to kickstarter with. I've had a couple backers tell me that a survey wasn't sent to them; if you cannot find your survey, send me a kickstarter DM and I will send you your link.  

Right now only 80% of backers have responded, and I really don't want your order to default and you cannot receive your order because of a simple survey 😭. Please reach out via kickstarter dm if you have any questions/concerns, especially about your order! If need be, I can help manually fill out your survey on my end.

After the Surveys and Pre-Orders close

Because of the overwhelming response to this kickstarter, there will be a slight delay in production due to volume size, but it looks like I will be receiving shipments mid-late october (so not too bad of a delay). From there, I plan on fulfilling pledges in the following order: Early bird pledges --> Kickstarter Pledges --> Preorder Store Preorders. Once I understand how long it takes for fulfillment, I will be able to get you guys a closer date estimate of when you should expect your pledge rewards c:


Thank you again for following and being a part of this journey; it really does mean the world to me 💞 I promise once school hits a little lag, I'll be able to pick up art-ing again; I've already got some ideas brewing c:


Lauri 💞

ps. To those that have filled out the survey, thank you so much! reading through responses has honestly made my chaotic school days and all the struggles bringing this project to life really worth it 🤍

about 1 month ago – Fri, Sep 10, 2021 at 02:43:04 AM

Hello hello! Thank you guys for being patient with this process, and I'm here to tell you that ✨ THE OFFICIAL BACKERKIT SURVEYS ARE FINALY LIVE

@Backers, please check the email you pledged with for a survey from Backerkit. There, you can choose your pledge tier's happi(s) size/design and will also have a couple of questions to answer to help with any future products (fingers crossed!)

SURVEYS ARE DUE 9/16!! Please finish by this deadline to ensure that your happi jacket size and designs are accounted for c:

So far, I expect to start fulfilment half way through October, but since the Kickstarter went above and beyond expectations, there might be some delays in production. Expect an update post again once production starts; by then I'll have more accurate information c:

Before that though, I'll post one more update before the official survey closes to ensure that your orders are accounted for!

Thank you guys again for all the support, I love you guys so so so much and can't wait for you guys to get your happis 💖



about 2 months ago – Sun, Sep 05, 2021 at 05:14:15 AM

Hello Hello everyone! the campaign has finally come to a close, and we're finally on the other side! Now that we're here,  I have a couple of things to share with you :o

Surveys: Delay and more info

I pledged during the campaign, but now that its over, how do I pick the size/design I want?

There will be a survey that will be sent out to your kickstarter email, but it isn't out yet; I will make another update when it is officially live.  As it stands, Backerkit needs to review some things regarding the campaign, so its looking like I won't be able to send surveys just yet. That being said, when the survey goes live, you will have one week to respond because I want to get the Happi coats to you guys asap! Addresses themselves will not be locked until closer to when jackets will be shipped out (so don't worry if you aren't sure where to ship yet), and please contact either Backerkit support or message me here on kickstarter for any help.

I guess I just chose unfortunate timing with end date being labor day weekend, so thank you guys for being so patient!


Throughout the campaign, there were a couple side stretch goals that I wanted to attempt, and I'm happy to share with you what I have added! Specifically for Happis, they can be added at a prorated cost based on your pledge tier, aka if you paid 140 for 4 happis, you will be able to add it on for $35/ea, rather than the retail $50. 

Other add-on price break down is as follows:

  • postcard art print: $4
  • demon slayer wisteria mirror sticker: $3.75
  • washi tape: $3 (10m)
  • sticky notes: $4
  • washi tape samples: $1.25 (40cm)

Pre-order store

If you missed the original campaign, don't fret! There is a pre-order store open through backerkit where you can still get any of the happi designs or any add-ons. However, these will be processed after all kickstarter pledges have been filled, expectation is around November 2021. Currently, I have the preorder store set to close 9/20, but this is subject to change.

Thank you again for all the support and being patient with this project; I'm excited to finally start the manufacturing process once the surveys are in!


Lauri ❤️

❗❗❗SHIPPING NOTICE FOR FULL PARTY BACKERS❗❗❗ Stretch Goal Updates: New HxH design, Add-ons and more :)
about 2 months ago – Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 08:25:44 PM

Hello hello! I hope you are doing well, and I have some updates to share with you guys. Thank you for being patient with me; I didn't expect this to blow up the way it did, like holy 1000% backed ❤️ As for everyone's feedback on what to do as stretch goals, thank you for contributing! There were a lot of cool ideas, but many involved an extension to the timeline, so I went with what's listed below.  I do have some ideas brewing beyond just different art on the happis,  including hats, accessories (mainly jewelry) and bomber jackets :) very far into the future though.

Note about fulfillment: I didn't expect the exposure that this project got, and I just wanted to remind everyone I am a one person operation 😅 I will send out an update once the happis are received and try to get a schedule out as soon as possible on when orders will be fulfilled, based on your backer #.

Shipping Notice: Full Party Backers

After the planning of how to package the orders, I've come to see that the mailer I was originally going to use will not fit 4 Happis, so I have to use a box instead. What this means is that the end package causes the total weight to go over the pound threshold and bumps up the shipping price. This affects any international orders of 4 Happis; I wanted to get this update out asap so that you, as a backer, had the information and can make an informed decision on your pledge. Please note the price change below:

Updated Shipping Profile

Jujutstu Kaisen Happi 

❗❗PSA ABOUT THE JUJUTSU KAISEN CUSTOMIZATION❗❗ During the BackerKit survey, there will be an additional $5 charge for vinyl customization ONLY ON ADDITIONAL HAPPI JACKETS. So this means that if you want a jujutsu kaisen happi WITH a vinyl customization AND YOU DID NOT pledge during the campaign, there will be a +$5 USD charge. However, if you did pledge to the kickstarter and want the jujutsu kaisen happi AND vinyl customization, you will not be charged this amount.

The original design that I showed was actually the first production sample made, and while I love the design, I felt that the blue was a tad off and decided to resample it. Below are the sample picutres sent by the manufacturer:

JJK Front
JJK Back

 Washi Tape

As one of the original stretch goals for this projects, I finally was able to create four designs  as washi tapes! They're based off the sleeve designs of the happis. What do y'all think?

I was also thinking of having washi samples for sale, if you just wanted to try them out c:

1 - Wisteria || 2 - Clouds || 3 - Curse Aura || 4 - Lightning

Sticky Notes

Since I had the designs made, I thought something simple but cute to add would be sticky notes! Can you tell which designs are my favorite by now?

Roughly same size as conventional sticky notes

Hunter x Hunter Happi Design

Lastly, I'm happy to announce that I was able to get a sample in production of the Hunter x Hunter Design for reaching the last stretch goal!! If you wish to add a Hunter x Hunter happi to your pledge,  the option will be available for choosing!

HxH Back
HxH Front

Thank you so much again for being here on this journey with me, and I can't wait for you to receive your happi's to make you happy ❤️

(ok that was kinda corny but sorry not sorry)


Lauri ❤️